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Hair and scalp care West Island is so important that before we even begin discussing a client’s new look we address the state of the material we will be working with. The same holds for our nail and makeup services that we offer in our beauty salon West Island/hair salon West Island.


The quality of the hair begins in the scalp.


With all the advances made in hair and scalp care, along with the mass exposure of information through social media and the internet, no salon should be without solutions to common hair and scalp problems. More importantly, removing the cause, not just the symptoms

One of our specialties,

at Anton Designs beauty salon West Island,

is scalp care.


There are many scalp inflictions that can be cured

with the right scalp care products.

in fact, we can not only heal the scalp,

but leave the hair silky soft in the process.


How cool is that!!!


Lets not forget the hair.

All too often, we see many new clients

that have been neglected in this department.


At Anton Designs Hair Salon

we find that in excusable.

Beautiful hair is a stylist/client relationship.


All the goodness we do,

for the health and strength of the hair,

can end up being for nothing,

if it is not maintained at home

on a daily basis.


And it’s not gonna cost

hundreds of dollars either.


In fact, you may find out penny for penny

when using quality products properly

will yield better results

at a lessor cost.


Whatever your Hair or Scalp care needs,

we will formulate the perfect prescription for you.


Dan Anton


Like to know more about

the condition of your hair and scalp?

Call our Beauty Salon West Island

@ 514-694-1884

and book your FREE personalized

Hair Salon West Island CONSULTATION


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a trained beauty specialist?



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Serving D.D.O., Kirkland, Pierrefonds, Montreal Ville St.Laurent, St.Anne de Belleview, Ile Perrot, Vaudreuil, Alexandria, Hawksbury, Ottawa

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