Facials West Island Esthetiques Salon

We Offer 2 Types of facials at our West Island esthetiques salon. The facial line from La Biosthetique is an advanced skincare range using active plant extracts and relaxing aromatherapy, resulting in positive improvements in the skin. At Anton Designs salon we carry out an in depth consultation prior to your facial which includes a unique skin test. This will detect the condition of your skin and enables us to recommend the exact treatment and products your skin requires. Choose from:


Express Facial - A perfect introduction to La Biosthetique. Guarantees an instant pick me up when you're short on time. Duration is 30 minutes and can be done at the same time as your hair treatment! Ideal for those of you on the run.

Cost $25.00


Dermosthetique Express - designed to minimise fine lines and wrinkles after one treatment! Tiny needles open pores to enable specialised anti-aging ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin leaving it fresh, glowing and youthful. Duration is 45 minutes and can be done the same time as your hair treatment! Cost $45.00

If all you need is advice on which product is right for you, then we at Anton Designs salon specialize in a one-on-one consultation to help choose the appropriate facial products for the client. The consultations are free with our trained certified esthetician. We have a simple 3 step ‘Identitest’ that helps determine your exact skin type, scientifically.


Anton Designs salon has partnered with La Biosthetique de Paris to offer you the best in facial skin care possible. Their line of skin care products covers a diverse range of facial cleansers, moisturizers and treatments that our clients can take home to have a healthy, revitalized looking skin.


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