Hair Extentions West Island

We don't just do hair extensions at our

West Island Beauty Salon.


Using hair pieces is nothing new.

Think Cleopatra or Marie Antoinette.

It just comes and goes.


Todays trends have certainly made it high fashion, and I felt this product and service deserved to have it's own page


Most people today are familiar with

the concept of hair extensions.

Take someone with short hair,

place long pieces into the hair and




you now have long hair


But that’s just the tip of the iceberg


for more information

on prices of our various

hair extension systems

and accesories

At Anton Designs,

we use hair extensions liberally

to create special effects.


Most notably, adding flash colors to a hair style,

like blue, red or pink.

The advantages of working with hair extensions

in this manner are numerous.


One example is the versatility of being expressive with canary yellow one day,

then pumpkin orange the next.

Plus, no need to "Bleach the hair to death"

(and now you know where the expession

"Suicide Blond" comes from)


We also have pieces for special occasions,

like grads or weddings.

Want a stunning updo

but that pony tail is just to short?

We have just the right thing for that.

And you can use it...




and again.

What ever your desire,

we have the variety to meet your needs

and your budget.


Dan Anton


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