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Everyone knows that the design of a hair style

is the most exciting part of hairdressing.

That goes for both the stylist and the patron.


Here is where we get our groove on.

Where we make our statement.

It can be flamboyant, subtle, or both.

This is where we can let people know our moods,

or who we are.


At Anton Designs Hair Salon we approach

the creative aspect of hair as a partnership.


Sure, it has been said that a stylists greatest expression

comes when he or she is given carte blanche.


Well thats not entirely true.


In a salon atmosphere like ours,

where the creative inspirations are many,

it can make deciding “which” of those perfect choices to use, exhausting.




(cut and styling)

                                              Women          Men

Mastered Talent

    Dan Anton:                         $83.00+       $60.00+


Expert Talent

    Rita:                                   $67.00+       $45.00+

Seasoned Talent

    Erica:                                 $57.00+       $40.00+

    Allison:                               $52.00+       $37.00+


Rising Talent

     Lara:                                  $48.00+       $32.00+


(Prices include Finishing & Detailing)

That is why, presenting us with a myriad of images is not only welcomed, but encouraged.


Once the clients comfort zone is established, we  incorporate the current hair fashion “elements” into the design and make it all their own


An other cool concept we’ve added to the design aspect is that of “Convertability”.


That’s the ability to create “many” different variations of style within the new design.

It’s been said that the secret to great hair is having a great hair cut. Though that does improve the chances of a successful hairstyle, it needs the help of great “finishing” skills to really make it shine.


They ultimately go hand in hand.


To learn more just visit our “FINISHING page


Dan Anton


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Anton Designs.16983 Trans Canada, Kirkland Quebec, H9H 5J1 

Serving D.D.O., Kirkland, Pierrefonds, Montreal Ville St.Laurent, St.Anne de Belleview, Ile Perrot, Vaudreuil, Alexandria, Hawksbury, Ottawa

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