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Hair Salon West Island Hair Dressers


Welcome to the hair section of our Beauty salon.


Here you’ll find all things hair. A-Z.

This is my passion, so I will try not to get too wordy.


We also offer a wide range of other beauty salon services for you face, feet and hands, so be sure to check them out too


So let’s get started!




Another aspect to hair beauty

that is all too often neglected.


Who better, than an experienced and educated Hairstylist, can recommend solutions to scalp problems?


From common dandruff to hair loss we have the tools to remove the cause, not just the symptoms.




This is probably the service that makes us

unique to other beauty salons in the west island.


I’m not saying we are the only ones, just that our dedication and integrity to the craft impels us to leave no stone unturned.


We will set aside one-on-one time...

with no limit...

to make sure you are informed and heard



Self explanatory, isnt it?


The texture of the hair

determines whether your hairstyle will

hold up for an hour or a week.


Todays advancements have not only produced

damage free perming systems,

but also deep conditioning smoothing systems

based on actual Hair Keratin Protein.



No matter how exciting a hair style,

it wont make an impact if the hair is in poor condition.


Hair care starts in the hair salon,

but needs to be supported at home,

in order to maintain good results.

We have the latest technology

from cleansers to finishing products

that we can personally

prescribe for you.




Here it is.


The fun stuff.


This is where you make your statement.


Hair can be plain, or elaborate in design.


It doesn't matter.


What matters is that the cut is executed properly.


The better it’s cut...the easier it is to style.


Simple as that



So now what?




you got to put all that wonderful stuff together.

That is why we place as much importance

on the finshing, as we do with

all the other services.


Actually more.


Because helping the client,

achieve their new look,

is what it's really all about



There are only 2 reasons for coloring hair.

Enhance/Change the natural color

or cover white hair.


That’s it.


That said. If hiding white hair is your concern

why not enhance it at the same time?


As for changing ones natural color,

the creative options are endless.

From standard highlighting

to elaborate color mapping,

adding color can greatly enhance

the design of the hair.



The best hair happens

when ALL the elements

work together,

in perfect harmony...


like a symphony...


Now thats music to our ears.


Dan Anton


Like to know more about our Hair Salon and Beauty Salon West Island?


Call us @ 514-694-1884 and book your

FREE personalized consultation.

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Anton Designs.16983 Trans Canada, Kirkland Quebec, H9H 5J1 

Serving D.D.O., Kirkland, Pierrefonds, Montreal Ville St.Laurent, St.Anne de Belleview, Ile Perrot, Vaudreuil, Alexandria, Hawksbury, Ottawa

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