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This is it!

It all comes down to this!

Without finishing you got nothing.

Zilch. Nadda. Nix.


Have I made my point?


But what is “Finishing”?


Basically it’s the “Recipe”,


The treating of the Hair and Scalp.

The coloring and texturizing.

The cutting and shaping of the hair design,


These are all the “ingredients” needed

to ‘make’ that fantastic hair style.


But unless we are given the “recipe” on

HOW to put it all together,

we still won’t have a hairstyle.



At Anton Designs Beauty Salon,

we are dedicated to the training of the client.


From using hot tools. like blowdryers and irons,

to styling tools, like putties and waxes,

knowing how to “re-create “

what the stylist has done for you,

is the most valued tool

a patron can leave

our beauty salon with.


After a new client’s enjoyed their

CONSULTATION appointment,

we insist they bring

ALL their styling tools

and products

when they come for their first service visit.


Once the services are done

we sit down and evaluate each and every item.

Keeping the good, replacing the old,

and adding whatever may be missing.

We even offer personal workshops,

and not just for the newbies,

but for anyone who may be struggling

with a new style.


After all, we don’t expect you to recreate

an “exact” replica

of what your stylist may have done.


We just want you to be

proud of what you can achieve.


Maybe even in half the time.


Now wouldn’t that be nice.


Dan Anton


Like to know what tools are right for you?

Call our West Island Beauty Salon

Hair Salon West Island

@ 514-694-1884

and book your FREE

personalized CONSULTATION


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Want to become

a trained beauty specialist?



for one of our courses.


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Anton Designs.16983 Trans Canada, Kirkland Quebec, H9H 5J1 

Serving D.D.O., Kirkland, Pierrefonds, Montreal Ville St.Laurent, St.Anne de Belleview, Ile Perrot, Vaudreuil, Alexandria, Hawksbury, Ottawa

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